glitch[dot]cool is an audiovisual arts collective I co-founded in 2019. We currently have nearly two dozen members spanning the globe, working in a wide range of contemporary art forms, from generative art to experimental sound design.

Our website is a progressive web app built w/ Gatsby and deployed w/ continuous integration to Netlify. We currently have 15 contributors to the site who post content using Strapi CMS. I also set up Matomo, an open source privacy-respecting analytics solution, which runs on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack deployed to Linode. To date the site has attracted over 35k visitors and has served over 5k downloads of our royalty-free sample packs.

We also have an active Discord server w/ over 1.3k members which I developed a custom node.js-based bot for.








strapi cms



matomo analytics